the new normal

When I first heard this phrase, I hated it. It stood for all those aspects of the way Covid had impacted our society and the way we live. I  avoided using it at all costs. Horrible, lazy little phrase I thought. The longer the situation continues though, I have to say it does seem to sum up the way life is at the moment. We are indeed having to adapt the way we live-the way we socialise, work, shop. All these aspects of day-to-day normality have changed and it looks as if the changes will be with us for the foreseeable future. I never thought, when I opened my tiny little one-roomed store around 18 months ago, that I would ever set up a website to enable my customers to shop online. It is now a fact of life that most people expect to be able to order online. So....welcome to my tiny little one-roomed website. Feedback on any aspect most welcome. Just remember I'm new to all this and it hasn't yet become my new normal.


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